Kat Power

Kat LongThe unknown. A passion for learning. Solitude. New people. A sense of wonder. Getting lost.  A connection to the land. A sense of community. All of these have fueled my desire to explore my surroundings near and far. At the core, I am a nomadic being. My path through this curious life carves its own route. Much like a river, it is always dynamic and I trust its current as it leads me to some of nature’s most beautiful creations. From being tossed about in a kayak in the San Juan Islands to biking the hectic streets of Cape Town, South Africa to trekking the interior of South America, I have come to appreciate living out a lifestyle that embraces life to the fullest extent. The outdoors has constantly been a haven for me, stimulating my mind, body and spirit. Adventure has pushed my boundaries further than I knew they existed. Each time I face risk, I learn something new. Experiences are had. Stories are formed. Deep personal connections are made. This energy to feel so vital has pushed me forward into situations that are unfamiliar, unpredictable, and at times chaotic but are inviting, fresh, and stimulating. It's this energy that I will forever seek and that I have located here in Zion National Park. Zion fulfills my thirst for discovery. I am grateful to be part of a team that is passionate about sharing this place of wonder with you.