Devin Howard

DevinI am a Utah native who loves being in Utah. As such, I have grown quite fond of the mountains and have been known on occasion to shed many tears upon spending too much time away from them. Growing up near the mouth of American Fork Canyon I often took opportunities to camp, hike, drive off-road, demolish the undercarriage of lesser cars, and other things I didn't immediately tell my mother about. In my adult years I have become much more reasonable in accepting the absence of my invincibility, yet at the same time have gained a greater appreciation and skill for adventure. As the seventh of eight children to my wonderful parents I have learned to treat anyone close to me as family. I am driven by a deep desire to learn how things work and share those things I learn with others. I knew Zion Adventure Company was perfect for me almost solely in seeing its name. In working here I have learned the true mission of ZAC extends to creating and enhancing moments of everyday life and the grand adventure that it is.