Dave Buckingham

Dave I spent the first 22 years of my life in Ohio playing outside, playing music, studying, cheering for Ohio sports teams, and developing my love for pizza. I studied music at Bowling Green State University and went on to teach band in the public schools of Elkhart, Indiana. My tenure as a band director left me with many stories that begin with the phrase, "This one time, at band camp..." As an instrumentalist, I played trumpet in small and large ensembles, including the Elkhart Symphony and the North American Brass Quintet. 

I first came to Zion in 2003.  Honestly, I didn't expect much from Zion, as it seemed to get less respect from the travel books I was reading than did nearby Bryce Canyon and Grand Canyon. Upon arrival, I found Zion to be my favorite National Park, and one of the prettiest and most amazing places I had ever been. This feeling continues to this day.  Amazing experiences as a Zion Adventure Company client led me to join the staff in 2005. I feel Zion offers visitors an incredible variety of opportunities to connect with the park, including sight-seeing, hiking, canyoneering, biking, climbing, swimming, and more. Zion almost has it all, but suffers from one particular void: people who understand the Ohio State versus Michigan football rivalry.