Brian Savage

BrianS LongBorn in Anchorage Alaska, and raised primarily in Montana, I have lived on wilderness boundries a majority of my 42 years. Having A.D.H.D. long before A.D.H.D. was conscidered cool, I found new and unique ways to traverse those wilderness areas. with no desire to stop I have extended my adventures to Hawaii, California, Florida, Washington, and now, Utah.

I came to Zion Adventure Company as a way to be able to incorporate recreation into my occupation.

I have come to Z.A.C. over the last several years to get beta on routes and slots, and in doing so, realized they were my kind of crazy, so I filled out an application and duely informed them I would keep coming back until they hire me or get a restraining order. As you can see, the restraing order was dropped due to issues of sanity and am now gainfully employed!